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Welcome to Automate to Win, where we believe in empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through workflow automation. With our comprehensive courses and expert guidance, we aim to revolutionize the way you work and eliminate the burden of busywork.

Our Story:

Automate to Win was born out of a passion for streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency. As a 20-year veteran in systems engineering and with a diverse background in organizational leadership, our founder embarked on a mission to transform the way teams operate. After successfully implementing a game-changing system for a team of marketers, we realized the immense power of workflow automation.

Transitioning away from that team amicably, we channeled our expertise and experience into creating Automate to Win. Our goal is to share the knowledge and skills we've acquired over years of hands-on work and continuous improvement.

Our Approach:

At Automate to Win, we believe that workflow automation shouldn't be limited to experts or those with coding knowledge. Our courses are designed for individuals with little to no prior experience in No-Code Low-Code operations. We break down complex concepts into easy-to-understand modules, guiding you through each step of the process.

What Sets Us Apart:

Expertise: With over two decades of experience in systems engineering and organizational leadership, our founder brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. We've spent countless hours honing our skills and understanding the nuances of workflow automation.

Practical Focus: Our courses are built on real-world applications, providing you with practical skills that you can immediately apply in your work. I believe in tangible results and aim to equip you with the tools needed to thrive.

Personalized Guidance: We understand that each learner is unique, and we're committed to providing personalized support. Our expert is here to answer your questions, provide guidance, and ensure your success.

Community: When you join Automate to Win, you become part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Connect with peers, share insights, and grow together as you navigate the world of workflow automation.

Join us on this transformative journey as we help you harness the power of workflow automation and unlock your true potential. It's time to say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to increased productivity and efficiency.

Ready to take the leap? Enroll in our courses today and start your journey towards becoming a No-Code Low-Code operator extraordinaire.

20 Years Experience Engineering Systems
Real World Examples and How-Tos.
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I earned both a BS and a MBA online, so I am familiar with the pitfalls of many LMS!

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